Know the Facts

56 men signed the Declaration of Independence.

5 teachers went on to become president of the United States.

The mayflower Compact was the first governing document of the pilgrims.

America's National Anthem wasn't official until 1931.

Francis Scott Key was a 35 year-old lawyer when he wrote the Star Spangled Banner as a poem.

Francis Scott Key negotiated the release of a popular american doctor captured by the British in the war of 1812.

Adolph Hitler was nearly killed in World War I.

Nearly 20 percent of the active male population of some nations fighting in World War I was killed in battle.

Jimmy Driftwood wrote "The Battle of New Orleans" to teach his students about the war of 1812.  it became a number one hit song nationally in 1959.

The space ship Apollo II nearly ran out of fuel as it descended on the moon, the first time man had ever touched a surface not the Earth.

The first American service branch was the US Army.

The Navy's Official Motto: Don't Tread On Me.

The oldest official song in the US Military is the Marines' Hymn.

The US Marine Corps is established in 1775, along with the Navy.  They are functionally joined, but have distinct identities.

A clergyman from the Church of England wrote the Navy Hymn.  It was set to music in 1861.

In the Great Depression, the Stock Market lost 90 percent of its value, unemployment among nonfarm workers reached 37 percent and 11000 banks failed.

US History by the Minute

Who is known in American history as the "March King"?

How many Americans signed the Declaration of Independence and what did they pledge?

What was Nat Turner's Rebellion?

What historically important German lance corporal was almost shot at the end of World War I?

What's the name of the official song for the US Army?


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